We are an American company proudly manufacturing in the USA!
Dominique France Concours is proud to introduce you to the DF® Concours Towel and our entire range of Simply Naturalsm products, many of which are plant based, totally biodegradable, non toxic, and safe for the environment. Dominique France® was founded in New York in 1939 and celebrates a period when the American production ethic was measured by longevity and quality, not planned obsolescence or by cheap foreign labor practices. We celebrate the American worker... we celebrate "The good old days!" This ethic can still be found today in our product line. Our products undergo the strictest quality controls and we are driven by quality, value, and the loyalty of our clients.

• Our flagship product, the DF® Concours Towel, is an exceptionally soft, highly absorbent terrycloth. The fabric is woven from our own unique AlpineFiber yarn. AlpineFiber is made entirely of a blend of microfiber Cotton and Pima Cotton, no artificial fibers of any kind are used in the weaving or sewing of this amazing product. What is microfiber? Click here to find out.
• Polishing and buffing your vehicle with the DF® Concours Towel will bring out a shine that you can be proud of. Our products will not scratch even the finest of painted surfaces. We use it on our own award winning cars and you can see the results by clicking here.
• Dusting your vehicle with the DF® Concours Towel between washings will keep it clean and shining longer.
• Will absorb many times it's own weight in water. In fact, the DF® Concours Towel absorbs 30% more liquid than ordinary cotton.
• The perfect towel to clean your car's glass (especially when used with our DF® Glass Shine,) interior wood and plastic surfaces, leather and vinyl seating surfaces. Buy different sizes for different jobs, keep a small one in your glove box to keep your interior sparkling clean.
• Hundreds of household uses, polish fine jewelry, furniture, silverware, great on glass and crystal!
• Our many happy clients can't all be wrong!

I hope you enjoy our DF® Concours products as well as our entire range of Simply Naturalsm products and, please, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Make it Shine™,

Leo Cerruti
President, Dominique France Concours

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