Caring for your DF Concours Products

• The DF Concours Towel is woven of our unique AlpineFiber. It is made entirely of natural materials, no artificial fibers of any kind are used in the weaving or sewing of this amazing product*.
• It is easy to clean and with proper care will last a very long time.
• The first thing you should do when you get a new DF
Concours Towel is to wash and dry it. During the manufacturing process the fabric has a tendency to become flat as it picks up contaminants from the air and machinery. There will also be a number of loose threads that, while they cause no harm, can be annoying the first time you use the towel.
• To clean the towel simply wash it in your washing machine using
HOT water.
• Always wash your towels separately from other fabrics. They have a tendency to pick up lint and other particles from other fabrics and the next time you use your towels this lint will transfer to the surface being cleaned, only making your job harder.
ONLY USE LIQUID DETERGENTS, never use dry detergents as many times the granules do not fully dissolve and become trapped in the towel. This can cause scratching of the surface you are cleaning.
NEVER USE BLEACH OR FABRIC SOFTENERS! You simply don't need them. Bleach will damage any fine fabric and fabric softeners deposit a chemical coating on the fabric that you really don't want to transfer to your car's finish or windows.
• While you can air dry the towel on a clean line we recommend using a clothes dryer set to high heat. High dryer temperatures won’t damage the towel, in fact, it will come out quite fluffy. Also, don't use those toss in fabric softener towels, all they do is deposit chemicals on the fabric that will transfer off to whatever you are cleaning or polishing with the towel.
• If you wash your towels on a regular basis and don't let them get too dirty they will last much longer. As with any fine fabric dirt particles, grease, and other contaminants can cause the fibers to break down so regular cleaning will go a long way in preserving your towels.
• The more the towel is cleaned the fluffier and softer it will get.
• As you use the
DF Concours Towel you will notice that sometimes a thread will loosen or pull out here or there. This is normal for terrycloth and you should NEVER PULL AT THE LOOSE THREAD! Pulling the thread can cause the weave to come undone or stitching to unravel. Instead, simply trim the thread with a pair of sharp scissors to about 1/4 of an inch from the surface, don't cut too closely.

Some FAQ:
Q: I've been told Woolite is best to use on my towels and other detailing fabrics. Is this true?
A: No it's not true. Woolite is a great product but it is intended for delicate fabrics and fine washables such as lingerie and cashmere sweaters. It is too mild to use on your detailing towels. Stick with hot water and regular detergent and you'll get better results.
Q: I've seen a few "microfiber detergents" sold at other sites and discussed on several detailing forums. This sounds like a great idea, why don't you recommend using it?
A: Simple, all these formulations are is a shop degreaser with some detergent and a foaming agent. First of all, there is no way the solution can "know" it's cleaning microfiber or anything else for that matter. Since it's a simple degreaser it will, of course, remove any excess wax, polish, and other grime from your towels but will not do any better than liquid detergent and hot water. Eventually these harsh chemicals will also degrade the fabrics. Don't waste your money, stick with what works!
: Should I pre-soak my really dirty towels with a degreaser such as Simple Green?
A: I would recommend first pre-soaking using your regular laundry detergent. If that doesn't work then try a degreaser, just keep in mind that excessive use of powerful degreasers may eventually damage the fabric. If your towels are really dirty it's probably best to "demote" them to cleaning door jambs, engine bays, wheels, and other such places. Your paint is too valuable and costly to repair, don't take chances, use clean towels, applicators, bonnets, and other items.
Q: Do you recommend or endorse any detergents?
A: We've tested a few and found most to be safe and effective cleaners. Brands such as Era, Tide, and All are our favorites. If possible buy the versions that are perfume and additive free as all these do is chemically coat the fabric and reduce it's efficiency.

*excluding decoration

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