We have several sales opportunities available. Whether you are an automotive accessories distributor, a car or motorcycle dealership, or simply an individual looking to make some money part time we can help.

• To become a distributor of DF® Simply Natural products you only need to order a minimum of $500 worth of our products and you must maintain sufficient inventory in order to deliver the product within seven business days. As a distributor you can sell to individuals, stores, auto dealerships, detail shops, or any business establishment that will resell to the general public.

• If you are a retail establishment, auto dealership, detail shop, catalog, online seller or other business you can contact us directly for the name of the distributor nearest you.

• If you are an auto dealership what better than to put a DF® Concours Towel in the glove box as a gift with each new car. Getting a DF® Concours Towel with your new car is as good as getting it with a full tank of gas!

The same concept applies to motorcycle dealers, body shops, accessories dealers such as stores selling rims. What better than to give a DF® Concours Towel with each set of those $2000 chrome rims?

Do you own a detailing shop? Why not give your best clients a DF® Concours Towel as a sign of your appreciation.

Automobile related shops are not the only ones who can benefit. Jewelers, camera stores, leather shops, anyone who sells products that can benefit from a fine cleaning towel such as the DF® Concours Towel.

If you want to be more personal we can embroider your company or product logo on the towels for a small one time set up fee.

• If you are an individual or charitable organization and would like to make some extra money then this is for you. We have two plans to choose from:
a) Drop ship:
You do not need to purchase anything to start except whatever samples you feel you may need. You can then show the samples to prospective clients, collect the money and forward us the name and address of the purchaser and we will drop ship direct to them. You can sell at car shows, on your own web site, even ebay! You get to keep the difference between your purchase price and the selling price.
b) Direct purchase: You can purchase inventory from us at special discount prices and resell
at our suggested retail price or whatever you feel comfortable with, the difference is yours to keep!

Potential clients are your car club members, church fairs, detail shops, garages, auto dealerships, body shops, eyeglass stores, jewelers, furniture stores, or anyone you think could use our products! Set up a table at local car shows and watch them sell like hotcakes. Convince the local Porsche, Lincoln, BMW, Cadillac, or Lexus dealer to buy from you and include a DF® Concours Towel in the glove box of each new car. The local shop selling $2000 chrome rims or the local Harley Davidson dealer could certainly benefit from good client relations by including a towel with each purchase.

Contact us today for more info!

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