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The DF Concours Wax Applicator/Detailing Finger Glove
Our applicator is unique in that you can remove the foam pad so you can easily wash the applicator in a washing machine. Remove the pad and you also have a handy detailing finger glove for those hard to reach places. A huge advantage to applying polish is that you can remove the foam pad, soak it in water, wring out any excess and reinsert it into the sleeve. The fabric will absorb just the right amount of moisture to help you in applying wax and polish, not too much, not too little!
4 x 6 inches $4.70
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The DF Concours Foam Applicator This new applicator is made from the same foam as our MagicCube™ but slightly less aggressive. It's designed to give a smooth, gentle cleaning action as it applies polishes and waxes. We've tested it with several popular wax and polish types, both paste and cream, and it works exceptionally well distributing and applying product in an even, thin layer. It has also been tested using the new All In One and No Buff Glazes where it applied these products in a very thin, even coat as recommended by the manufacturers. Available in a convenient 2-pack or money saving 6-pack.
2-pack only $3.99
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