Our brushes are all hand made of the finest materials right here in the USA! Using old world craftsmanship these detail brushes are far superior to any other brushes on the market today. Each brush is hand made with only the finest of animal furs and hairs and finished with a tree farm grown hardwood handle that gives it a perfect balance. Each brush comes in it's own reusable plastic pouch. We do not use animal hides in our brushes so no animal is harmed in this process, only specially raised Pony, Goat, and Canadian Squirrel fur and hair are used in our brushes.

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The DF Concours Retractable "Lipstick" Brush No explanation needed here! Perfect for the glove box so it's always handy. This soft Canadian Squirrel hair brush is always close by for those un-anticipated dust offs. This hand made brush is truly a great compliment to any fine motor car.

The DF Concours Disposable Swab This 3.5" cleaning swab is very practical and long lasting. It sports two latex foam tips, one for those hard to reach spots and the other for larger more accessible areas. Unlike others made of wood ours has a durable plastic shaft that will not break or splinter. They save you money also, they are resuable and easily cleaned with any surface cleaner or shop degreaser. After a few cleanings toss it and break out a new one! Available in packs of 10 or 100
Pack of 10
for $4.99
Pack of 100
for $39.20

The DF Concours 14" MegaDuster™ Our Concours MegaDuster™ will absolutely blow you away. This huge 14 inch long duster has a brush head of over 4 inches in width will make quick work of all your fine detail jobs. It will dust and clean the hardest to reach interior and exterior spots on your car or bike and, of course, will never scratch. This essential brush is made from Pony and Goat hair and will last for many years.
SPECIAL ORDER please allow an extra two weeks for delivery of this item.

The DF Concours 7.5" Detail Brush This is a great all around detail brush. It gets into small places such as air vents and between trim pieces but is not so small that it can't tackle larger pieces.

This beautiful small brush is 7.5 inches long with a 1.5 inch wide Canadian Squirrel brush. You can't imagine how soft this brush is.


The DF Concours 5" round Detail Brush This is a round stiffer brush with a flat tip, it looks somewhat like the eraser of a pencil only much larger.

It is made of Canadian Blue Squirrel fur and is perfect for getting down into drink holders and other deep flat areas.


The DF Concours 5.5" Mini "Eraser" Brush This smaller version of our #20C above has a brush head about the size and shape of a pencil eraser, perfect for those hard to reach small areas. It is made of Canadian Blue Squirrel fur and is specially designed for tight deep spaces, crevaces, and creases.

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