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The DF Peerless Water Filtration System with our unique Valve-in-Head design

Just what you've been asking for to get spot free drying when you wash your car. You can wash and rinse your car using this filter and let it dry without water spots! This affordably priced filter uses standard sized dionization filter cartridges and connects to standard 3/4" garden hose fittings using any of the supplied adapters. The filter comes with everything needed including one filter cartridge, various hose adapters, a mounting bracket for mounting the filter on a wall or the side of a garden cart, and a filter wrench to assist in cartridge change.

Features that ONLY DF Concours offers you:
- Our unique Valve-in-Head design is far superior to other filters offered on the market. Just turn the valve for unfiltered water for washing, off to chhange nozzles, Filtered for rinsing. This feature saves you money by allowing you to use the filter only when needed.
- Our dionization filter is much more efficient at removing contaminants from water than a simple water softening resin filter. When it's used up it turns a dark blue telling you it's time to replace the filter.
- We include both male and female hose adapters for the water inlet thus allowing you to use any number of feed options (garden hose, washing machine hose, etc.)
- Filter replacments last about 10,000 gallons depending on the hardness of your water. But please note: WE CANNOT GUARANTEE how long the cartridge will last because everyone's water is different.

Only $127.50
Zymol® Water Filtration System @ $244!
Griot's Water Softener @ $129.99

Order your replacement and extra cartridges here.
Dionization replacement filter
(Standard filter for the Valve-In-Head unit above but will also fit all previous models)
Only $29.35
Griot's Replacement Filter @ $109.99
Rechargeable Water softening cartridge (will fit all present and previous models) Filter recharge info is here.
Only $15.00

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