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The DF Deluxe Econo Hose Nozzle™! Tibesti rated "Best of the Best" Our customers have asked for an inexpensive high quality nozzle to compliment our Peerless aluminum nozzle and here it is. There is not another economy priced nozzle available that can measure up. Our nozzle is precision moulded from GE Lexan® while Polylube Teflon coated internal bearings guarantee smooth operation and a maintenance free life. This precision nozzle offers a continuously adjustable pattern from straight stream through fog in a smooth twisting motion.
Griot's Water Hose Nozzle @ $75.99!
Only $27.50

The Dramm #300 Brass Shut Off Valve The perfect accessory for your Peerless Nozzle. Simply the best shut-off valve available. Dramm's #300 Brass Shut-Off Valve provides fingertip water control at the end of your hose. A quarter turn of the large ergonomic handle and the water is off. Full water flow design. Made in the USA from brass, durable seals and a hard chrome plated ball to provide years of service. It lets you control the water flow from off to full on with buttery precision, without disturbing your nozzle spray setting. Click on the photo on the left to see the Dramm valve with our Peerless nozzle. @ $20.95
Our price only $17.56!

The DF Magic Cube What's a Magic Cube? You've never seen anything like this before. This is our own invention and is the next best thing to clay! It is a 3" cube of special foam that will form itself to any surface or crevice instantly. Just lightly press it against the surface and it will magically form itself around the area being cleaned, gently rub using any car shampoo as a lubricant and it will thoroughly clean the surface and deep into and around irregular areas like rain gutters, badges, door jambs, etc. Great for removing excessive built up wax and polish from those hard to reach places. When you lift it away it will magically recall it's original shape. It's safe to use every time you wash your car, in fact, if you do this at least every other wash you may never need to clay again. And get this... it's machine washable in hot water! Just throw it in the machine and it comes out like new. Air dry only though, it may melt in a hot dryer!
Only $4.75!

Cape Cod® Metal Polishing Cloths are moist cotton cloths, with just the right amount of polish on them. Bring forth a brilliant mirror shine on your chrome, aluminum, and stainless steel.. Safe to use and there is no chemical odor, instead a pleasant vanilla scent. Their revolutionary anti-tarnish formula means the shine lasts longer! Trusted by watch collectors worldwide so you know they are safe and scratch free for use on your vehicle. Click the image for more info.
Stacks @ $6.99
Only $5.60

The GritGuard™ Prevent the transfer of dirt and grit back onto your car from your wash bucket. While our Concours towels are not the cause many scratches and swirls on the surface of a vehicle are caused by improper car washing. Dirt and grit from the vehicle’s surface are trapped in mitts and towels. • Place the Grit Guard™ Insert in the bottom of any 12" diameter Bucket • Simply rub your mitt, towel, or brush across the Grit Guard™ Insert while washing your vehicle • Radial Surface Design extracts particles and contaminants from mitts and brushes. • Gravity causes dirt to settle to the bottom of the container • Wash water stays clean - Scratch-Free Clean! • Four Quadrants on the base of the Grit Guard™ Insert calm the wash water • Designed to save every car enthusiast time and money • NO MORE long hours spent removing scratches caused by improper car washing • The Grit Guard™ Insert works great for: Small Parts Cleaning, Wet Sanding, Oil Filter Draining...And Much More! Note that we ship the GritGuard in either blue or back, our choice, depending on our stock.
Eckler's @ $12.99
Our price only $9.99!

The DF Concours Towel and Chamois Wringer You really do need this! We've made special arrangements with the manufacturer of these great hand wringers to bring these to you at a great price. Why do you need a hand wringer? Use it just once and you'll see why! These wringers remove up to twice as much water as the best washing machine spin dry. If you're using towels to dry your car you need this wringer, just pass one through and it's ready to continue it's work. This is a great wringer. It has clamps that swivel, making for easy installation on both round or square wash buckets as well as the side of a table. The mounting clamps are spaced 14" apart for excellent stability. Two top mounted wing nuts allow you to set the roller tension for varying size towels. The rubber rollers are 12 inches wide, for wider towels just fold the towel lengthwise to allow it to pass through.
Our wringer has some excellent features: • Black powdercoated steel frame • Aluminum handle with P.V.C. hand grip • Bronze oil lite bearings • Stainless steel bolts & fasteners • Non-marring rubber rollers 1 1/2" x 12 1/2" • Tamper resistant tension adjustment • And best of all... it's MADE IN THE USA!!
Griots @ $199
3D products @ $142.99
Only $127.50 after instant rebate!

The Towel and Chamois Wringer Stand While our towel wringer will attach to most buckets or tables you may find this special stand more practical, especially for portable use.
Only $110.50 after instant rebate!

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