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The DF Concours Wash Mitt
For those of you that prefer a wash mitt ours is ideal. It fits your hand comfortably and, unlike others cut like a glove, you can use either side with either hand and it is completely reversable. That gives you four cleaning surfaces compared to others with only one! We've included a removable thirsty 1/2" foam pad too! Since your washing your vehicle don't forget our Concours Peerless Hose Nozzle!

NOTE: There will be a slight delay in shipping orders of the wash mitt, we are out of stock at the moment but in production so it won't be a long delay.

7 x 10 inches $7.00
Save $3.90 on a wash mitt 6-pack $38.10

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The DF Concours Peerless Sponge
Watch it assume the shape of anything it's cleaning!
Nothing like this... NOTHING is presently on the detailing market. This sponge is unlike any wash appliance you have ever seen. It cleans like a mild clay as it washes and maintains the vehicle finish so well that the you may not need to clay but once a year. And rest assured, it will not remove any wax, polish, or final step glosses you use on the paint. This is not some off the shelf foam, it's made from a less aggressive form of the revolutionary material used in our Magic Cube™. This sponge retains 2000% of it's weight in water thus using about half the water normally used with a wash mitt, towel, or foam sponge. Everyone who has tested this new product for us reports a visibly shinier, smoother, cleaner paint than with any other washing appliance. I'm convinced this is the next big innovation in detailing since we introduced our AlpineFiber® products to the market. It's machine washable and of course Made in the USA!
6 x 3 x 2 inches $7.55
Save $5.95 on a Peerless Sponge 6-pack $39.35

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