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The Slick Stixxx Detailing Component System

Ever wrap a rag around a screwdriver to clean a tight, hard to reach spot?

Slick Stixxx are a patent pending detailing technology, utilizing a series of various straight and angled, VINYL COATED component handles and seven component cleaning heads to help clean tight, hard-to-reach areas that cannot easily be reached using conventional tools or by hand.

This kit is much more than a bunch of Q-tips! It is totally reusable and should last for many seasons. The head cleaner was designed to clean around heads, manifolds, under and around hoses and wires, and is perfect for flexing around and into areas that you could never get your hands or other tools. Does cleaning the tight spaces in your chrome grill or spoke wheels ring a bell? The cone/pick head is perfect for getting into and around bolts. Slick Stixxx are safe to use on chrome, billet aluminum, powder coating, and painted surfaces provided they are used as directed.

The component handles are made of tempered aluminum coated with chemical resistant vinyl so they don't scratch, and the component heads are made from self-lubricating, non-marking, high-density plastic that is resistant to petroleum and chemicals.

It's time to make your busted knuckles and scratched chrome a thing of the past. If you clean your vehicle, at all... you need Slick Stixxx!

As are all products offered by DF Concours Slick Stixxx components are made in the USA.

Slick Stixxx Detailing Component System is warranted to the original purchaser for thirty (30) days from the date of purchase against any defect in materials and workmanship. We will repair or replace, at our option, any set of Slick Stixxx found to be defective -- exclusive of damage caused by improper or unreasonable use and normal wear.

Each Kit Includes:
4 Component Handles
(1) 12" Straight
(2) 6" Straight
(3) 6" 45 Degree
(4) 6" 90 Degree

7 Component Heads
(5) 1" Head Cleaner
(6) 4-1/4" Head Cleaner
(7) 1" Chisel Cleaner
(8) 3/4" Paddle Cleaner
(9) 1/2" Chisel Cleaner
(10) Cone/Pick Cleaner
(11) Ball Head Cleaner
(12) 2 Component Ferrule Connectors
(13) 2 Component Butt-End Cap
- (the ferrule connectors and butt-end caps can also be used as component cleaning heads
(14) Slick Bag

A true bargain at $29.95
* S&H not calculated in discounts. Does not apply to sale items or gift certificatess.

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