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The DF Concours Towel Made From
100% Pima Cotton, 48% plusher, 35% more absorbent, and so soft to the touch!

Our DF® Concours Towels are perfect for cleaning, polishing, washing, and drying your vehicle without scratching. Our towels are safe to use on all surfaces of your vehicle. There is simply no better towel on the market than the DF® Concours Towel.

Polishing and buffing your vehicle with the DF
® Concours Towel will bring out a shine that you can be proud of. Our products will not scratch even the finest of painted surfaces. We use it on our own award winning cars and you can see the results by clicking here.

  • Our towels are superior in every way to the competition
  • We use only safe, highest quality USA Pima cotton fibers.
  • Our self-edge means no artificial bindings or threads to scratch your paint.
  • Superior cleaning power and absorbency means less time in contact with your paint.
  • Machine washable in hot water to thoroughly remove all waxes and polishes from the fibers.
  • Endorsed by major wax and polish manufacturers.

Standard size DF Concours Towel $4.50
Save $4.20 on a 6-pack! $22.80

Our AlpineFiber® 100% Cotton microfiber DF Concours Towels above and textile products such as our wash mitts, buffing bonnets, applicators, etc. are approved by Zaino Brothers as safe to use with their products!
After extensive testing Sal Zaino has declared our AlpineFiber® to be safe to use with their Show Car Polishes to produce a scratch free, swirl free shine. Our products are the only all natural towels and related products to receive this coveted endorsement. We have endorsed and recommended Zaino products for years as a perfect compliment to our DF Concours line.

PolyFiber2® Microfiber

If you're looking for a traditional Polyester microfiber towel then you can't get any better than ours. Soft and supple while having more bite and polishing ability than any traditional microfiber towel on the market today, it's 25% more absorbent... and nearly 20% plusher than any of the Asian imports! You're going to love these towels, the competition is always trying to catch up but they never will, there is simply no other traditional microfiber towel like this on the market!

What's so special about our PolyFiber2® Microfiber?
• We use only the highest quality 80/20 Polyester/Nylon microfiber woven in Brazil. Our fabric contains no generic polyamide typically referred to as a Nylon by-product.
• Our towels are finished and inspected in the USA under the strictest quality control standards.
• Our towels have been thoroughly tested on many automotive finishes and we test each production run to insure your finish will remain scratch free.

Standard size 16x16 inches only $3.15
Pack of six $18.00

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