These are the impressions of many of our happy users. Send us your impressions, we'll be glad to post them here!

One of our clients is so proud of his DF Concours towels he has them embroidered and includes them in photos such as this one with Yoda.

"Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today. Super quality on these towels! My cars will certainly appreciate the treatment they'll be getting."
D.C. - Leominster MA

"I love your towels... I am sure I will be ordering tons more. Thank you so much for making such awesome products with such attention to craftsmanship"
R.B. - Dawsonville, GA

"I'm a towel customer of yours for life! The quality & craftsmanship of your towels are second to none, but then again I'm not telling you something you didn't already know ;)"
D.B. - Jefferson City, MI

"You guys continue to amaze me with quality and product performance. To date, I've not found a towel that I trust more than the DFT! I regularly recommend this towel... I look forward to utilizing your products in the future and continue to regard them as the only towel that will touch my black vehicles on a final wipe down. The choice is simple, my clients demand perfection for their detailing dollar, DFTs help me deliver and create repeat customers and loyal friends.... Keep up the great work so that those of us in the industry can as well."
B.C. - La Grange, KY

"You not only have a happy customer, but one who has, and shall continue, to refer my fellow auto enthusiasts to you and your products.  The quality of your products is head and shoulders above your competition."
G.M. - Bradenton, FL

"I would like to say I started out using DF towels about a year ago. Recently I started trying out a few others for comparison. There is no comparison. Your DF towels are the best in the business!"
J.H. - Queen Creek, AZ

"After hearing all the good reviews about these very unique towels I went ahead and purchased two medium and one large size. I am very pleased with how incredibly soft these towels are. At the moment they are the only MF I will trust 100% of the time to NEVER marr my paint. I can't recall the last time I felt at ease enough with a towel to actually buff my paint with it... This towel is great for removing Klasse SG and I'm sure carnauba wax as well. I quick detail daily with it with Meguiar's Final Detail, this combination yields excellent results. If you want the creme de la creme of microfiber, I highly recommend DF Towels"
B.D. - USA

"I own a red 350Z, and I had swirl marks on the car and couldn't get rid of them. I tried all different types of wax. I then heard about the DF towel on I read about it on your site and was convinced that it wasn't the wax, or the way I washed my car, but what I was washing and waxing with...terry cloth towels, cheap microfiber, and such. I purchased 2 of your medium towels and 2 wax applicators. Went back to my expensive wax that was supposed to remove swirl marks and low and behold it did!!! All because of the applicators and what I used to remove it with- DF Towels! I entered my Z in a local car show this weekend and won 1st place in the Z category.. The paint never looked better, and I have to thank you guys for making such a great towel to apply a great wax. You can buy the most expensive wax you want, but if you don't have the right applicator and towel to wipe it off with, your going to have problems. So thanks again Leo and hats off to your crew as well!”
M.C. - White House, TN

“Love those towels!!! Polished, waxed and waxed again this past weekend. There is not a better MF towel out there!! I'm slowly replacing all of what I thought were my best towels with the DF Microfiber towel....thanks again!”
S.S. - Philadelphia, PA

“Oh my God! I just received your Glass Shine glass cleaner and I was blown away. It is, without a doubt, the best thing I have ever used on my windows. A real winner!”
C.M. - Wrightsville, PA

“This thing is amazing! I dried the whole car and the towel was only damp. Never did wring it out. There is no comparision with this and anything I have tried before!”
N.W. - Helena, AL

“I never would have believed it, I cleaned my windows this weekend with Glass Shine and a DF towel and it looked like the glass vanished! I've never seen them so clean.”
N.M. - Syosset, NY

“ was ABSOLUTELY, BAR NONE, the best thing I have ever used to remove my "Souverne by Pinnacle" wax!”
S.B. - Bloomfield, NJ

“...Glass Shine works better then anything I have used before on windows...”
C.K. - Las Vegas. NV

“Absolutely the best towel I have ever used to polish my Rolls. The car buffed to a shine with almost no effort on my part.”
G.R. - Southhampton, NY

“My chrome wheels have never looked so good, a little Glass SHine and a wipe with your towel and my wheels looked better than new!”
S.T. - San Diego, CA

“Thank You, you are my new heros, my car absolutely glows!”
G.M. - Chicago, IL

“Leo your towels are great. They out perform any MF (microfiber) towels that I have. Excellent on Zaino. Smoother than silk.”
E.J. - Montrose, NY

“I don’t know what you did to create this product but you obviously did something right! I’ve relegated all my Korean microfiber towels to household chores and yours are now the ONLY towel I will use on my car. Kudos!
H.P. - NY, NY

“Leo! Thanks for the advice, I was grinning from ear to ear after using your towels on my 100 point Auburn. It really made the the Zaino appear deeper.”
P.B. - Miami, FL

"Excellent quality towels--they ARE amazing!"
J.M. - Canton, OH

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