How to make old Dodge headlights look new

Vlada April 04 2022

Dodge has a number of highly dependable cars, such as the Challenger and Grand Caravan, both of which have received high reliability ratings in the past. For example, Dodge Challenger can last you up to 20 years if you drive it responsibly and give it some proper care. But even if you treat your car as an old friend, it doesn't mean the vehicle should look its age.

Removing minor imperfections and signs of wear - that is what detailing does best. And nothing brightens the overall image like brand new shiny headlights. They don't just look nicer, but also ensure that you drive safely at night and in bad weather conditions. So if your headlight begin to get dimmer, start with replacing the bulbs. You can look up appropriate size and wattage using this Dodge light bulb chart.

How much does it cost to get headlights detailed?

You can either do it yourself or have it done at a local car detailing shop. A headlight restoration costs between $50 and $100 per pair for wholesale work, and around $150 per pair for retail work. The cost of materials (excluding labor) ranges from $3 to $4 per set of headlights, depending on the kit you choose.  

The best thing about a service shop is the quality of their work and professional equipment that are hard to find in an average garage. Sanding, wet sanding, and polishing are the three most common methods to refresh your car's headlights.

  1. The simplest and most cost-effective approach to get the haze off is to sand it. However, because you must do it manually, this method takes the longest.
  2. A machine polishes the headlight lens using a buffing wheel. It's more expensive than sanding, but it's also quicker and less demanding.
  3. Wet sanding is the most expensive option, but it's also the most effective. This method uses a machine to wet sand the headlights, which removes the haze quickly and easily.

And after that, the easiest approach to maintain your headlights looking brand new is to use a headlight cleaner on a regular basis. This will remove any dirt and grime that may render the headlights dull.

What do detailers clean headlights with?

You can use professional grade cleaning solutions and products to maintain a good look at home. This will help you save money on detailing shops.

If you don't have a bonnet sealer, water will run down your headlights and eventually fog them up. You can use a towel soaked in denatured alcohol to clean your lights properly, then use a circular motion to wipe them. Rinse and dry the space thoroughly before adding extra protection with some car wax.

Paste waxes can also be used to clean headlights and protect them from future damage. You should always use a separate cloth for each headlight to keep them clean. Start by applying a small amount of wax to your headlight, then rub it in using the same circular motions. Once the entire surface is covered, use a clean cloth to buff the surface and remove any excess wax. If you skip this step, dust and dirt will stick to the wax and make it look even worse. Not to mantion, that it will not be easy to clean off.

After cleaning your headlights, it's important to protect them from future damage. The best way to do this is to apply a headlight sealant. This will create a barrier between your headlights and the elements, keeping them looking new for longer.

How can I permanently clean my headlights?

The most effective and efficient approach to restore car headlights permanently is to sand them. The foggy layer on headlamps is removed in the process, revealing the once brilliant light lenses you enjoyed. It helps to polish off tiny scratches on the surface and smoothes the plastic in a way that enables light to pass easier, thus making youe headlights brighter.

The headlights on your car are an essential safety feature, so it's important to keep them clean and clear. With a little time and effort, you can make your headlights look new again. And to make this trully permanent keep in mind that you need to take care of lenses, clean them regularly and use specific products.

Does rubbing alcohol clean headlights?

Depending on what makes your headlights dirty, alcohol may be the only viable option. It helps to remove not the dirt itself, but rather any oily substance, that is a pain to clean off. Like extreemly thick car wax, oil byproducts and other substances you may find on the road.

Soap or cleaning solutions without alcohol may not be strong enough to dissolve the buildup. That's why it's important to use a product that contains alcohol after you clean off the dust and dirt. If you are wondering now why you should use wax at all, then bear in mind, that wax is applied to the lens as a protective layer. Debris will not adhere to the plastic surface itself and stay on wax instead. So it is just as important as waxing the exterior paint of your car.

Do car detailers restore headlights?

Usually yes, car detailers offer headlights restoration services. They will remove the haze and yellowing from your headlights, making them look new again. The process generally includes wet sanding, followed by polishing and sealing. This will help to protect your headlights from future damage and keep them looking clear for longer.

If you're looking to restore your headlights yourself, you can find headlight restoration kits at most auto parts stores. These kits generally include fine sandpaper, polishing compounds and a sealant.

Follow the instructions included with the kit to restore your headlights. Be sure to read all of the instructions before starting, as some kits require special tools or equipment.