How Do We Remove Scratches from Black Car Paint?

VD November 11 2021

Usually, the clear coat scratches are caused by the twigs, removing snow, washing, and drying. These scratches tend to show up on a black vehicle rather than any other color, and every scratch, no matter how minor it is, may look magnified thanks to the black color.  In addition, it is very hard to detect a scratch on a black car as you look at it. However, the scratches are actually there and only need the right solution to make them disappear.

If you are wondering how to fix scratches on black car paint, then it is worth noting that in most cases, these can easily be removed by hand. You will not even need a polish machine for this purpose.

There is a variety of options through which you can remove the car scratches, therefore, you should be going for the one that suits you best.

Why do black cars easily show scratches?

There is a widespread belief that black paint doesn't get damaged that easily as compared to other paint colors, but it is worth noting that all paint colors are made from the same formula. There can be a white mark left behind a vehicle every time it gets scuffed.

You will not see a mark when your vehicle has a lighter paint job, and the main reason is that the scratch happens to blend in. On the other than, with a darker coat, you can have a problem, especially when it is black because its high contrast is capable of making any mark appear more visible.

However, there are certain elements that make the scratches more visible on a black vehicle. This includes when you park your vehicle in a garage with metal doors or when you live in a place with snow and salt that can create a lot of noise against a dark car's paint job every time it snows.

Different methods of removing black car scratches

Fixing clear coat scratches

A clear coat scratch only affects the outer or the topmost layer of the vehicle. It is also known as a surface scratch and is relatively easy to repair. You will just be needing a microfiber towel, a swirl remover, and Torque Detail Reverse Scratch.

You can start by using a small amount of Torque Detail Reverse on a towel. Gently rub this formula onto the scratch in circles. In the end, you need to wipe off the clean side of the microfiber towel if you see any excess formula left on the vehicle.

Fixing pigment scratches

A black vehicle with a scratch-made by something like the snow against the paint has a possibility of leaving a pigment stain. Before you can remove these, it is important to know that if your car's surface is glossy, then the scratch is too deep for you to fix. You will need an experienced pro for this task.

When the scratch is not deep, then all you may need to do is use Maguiar's ScratchX 2.0. This formula does not just fill up the front side of the scratch but also makes it disappear completely without any trace left behind after polishing. There are micro-abrasives in the polish that help clean deeper than waxes and provide better protection than what you get with car wax. It is also worth noting that this formula comes in two varieties, one for dark and one for lighter paints; you can use the right polish according to your needs.

Using a touch-up paint pen

You can choose to go for a car scratch remover like Scratch Away if you want to get rid of all kinds of different scratches. These come in the form of pens, allowing you an easy application process. Plus, they are user-friendly and offer hassle-free results as well. The product is ideal for black cars since it comes with dark pigments that are capable of rendering your vehicle scratch-free without causing any changes in its overall color tone.

Fixing rock chip scratches

The rock chips on your vehicle's surface can be repaired by identifying them first. You may need special glasses or microscopes to do this job. Once you identify the gap, then use automotive glaze or primer to cover it. Apply a top coat once you are done with the primer. You can also use a touch-up marker to fill in the gap.

Fixing scratches on plastic bumpers on black cars

You may come across such scratches while cleaning your vehicle with automated car washes. To get rid of them, you just need some polishing compound and a microfiber sponge. This is because most modern polishing compounds are designed to work on these surfaces efficiently, especially if they have fine grit particles included within their formula. You will be needing some good quality products like Meguiar's PlastX for this job. Once you finish applying the product, wipe off any excess residue with a clean microfiber towel and see the difference straight away.

Repairing minor scratches

This type of scratch occurs when your car comes into minor contact with another object. It may include scratching against the curbs, trees, or even when parking your vehicle next to a tree. The scratches are not big enough for you to notice them without close observation. However, they can still be easily noticeable if you rotate your wheels while watching in the wheel well.

Once you take note of such small scratches on your black vehicle's paint job, then start by cleaning off all contaminants using an APC cleaner spray followed by polishing it using wax afterward. You should use Ultima Paint Guard Plus as this product is capable of keeping your car free from swirls and minor scratches while providing additional protection too!

Fixing deep scratches

You will be required to repaint the damage if the scratch happens to penetrate through the base coat and the primer. A few items will be required for this purpose, which includes hard grade sandpaper, an automotive primer, a base coat paint, a towel, a sanding pad, and applicator sticks.

In order to find out how to fix scratches on a black car, you have to sand down the clear coat because the scratch is penetrated into the base coat, and you will be required to reach these layers. Apply the car primer and then use the paint. In the end, you need to let it dry. Keep in mind that it may be taking a few days, but you will get rid of the scratch once it gets settled in.

Fixing paint transfer scratches

There can be paint transfer scratches or scuffs that you can eliminate by using a little muscle. To fix the paint transfer scratches, you will require a lubricant WD-40, a foam sponge, and a bucket of warm water.

The lubricant needs to be applied to the transferred paint so that it can quickly come off. You need to apply this to the affected area so that the vehicle's natural paint doesn't get damaged. By rubbing off this transferred paint through a sponge foam, you will notice that the transfer scratches get fixed. You can use a bucket of warm water to rinse off the affected area and make sure it is dried before you apply any kind of paint.

Hologram Correction

If you find holograms after polishing your car, then there are chances that these problems can get fixed by using a scratch remover kit or machine polish from Meguiar's. If there are minor holograms caused due to swirls, then they can be taken care of using a dual action polisher. Once you get rid of these swirls, you should polish your black car so that the paint job will look fresh and new. If there are severe holograms, then you can opt to repaint your entire vehicle with one color at least!

To remove the scratches from black car paint jobs, just be sure to use high-quality ingredients and products for this purpose. There is no need to put in any extra effort when doing this job because it can actually get quite easy once you start applying these helpful tips to your routine. Just keep in mind that the overall performance of your paint job may depend upon how well you take care of it on daily basis.

How to avoid black car scratches

One of the best ways to keep your car free from scratches is by investing in a good paint protection package. You will need to do some research on the various packages which are currently available for sale these days.

The best thing about these paint sealant products is that they can last for up to 6 months with regular usage, also providing an added layer of protection against UV rays and dirt sticking to the body of your vehicle. If you take care of your black car properly, then it will look fresh and new without any minor or major scratches!

Final Words

Scratches on a vehicle can be treated through many methods, including the top-of-line car care specialties to everyday household items. If you are curious about how to fix scratches on black car paint, then you should keep in mind that prevention is always considered better than cure. Therefore, nothing can beat being a meticulous car owner and a careful driver who makes sure that the vehicle is kept in good shape all the time.