How Do We Remove Scratches from the Plastic Car Interior?

VD October 10 2021

When you carry a lot of gear, whether it is for work, school, or any of the recreational activities, there are chances that the inside of your car can get scratched after multiple trips. It could either be the rowdy kids in the backseat or an accident, but at some point, you will definitely be facing the issue of scratches left on your car's interior.

The scratches on the plastic car's interior reduce its resale value and are also responsible for reducing the style and appearance of the vehicle when you are driving. You might be planning to use a plastic scratch remover or any other method to get rid of scratches because you never like to see the inside of your car full of marks and scratches.

It is important to take certain precautions before you decide on the best solution to remove scratches from the plastic car's interior.

The most common way is to use a scratch remover compound. These are specific products that help in removing both light and deep scratches easily. There are so many options, so it is imperative for you to know more about the ingredients of the compound you choose. A good product has fine abrasives which can fill up small dents and scratches without affecting other parts of your car's plastic surface.

One should never think about using a heavy-duty compound as these compounds might not be designed for all types of plastics used in cars and could even cause damage if applied incorrectly. It is also important to read all instructions mentioned on the package and never use a household cleaner as they contain harsh chemicals that can cause further damage.

You can take the help of a car care professional to get rid of plastic scratches. It is important to visit a reputed service center for this job as they have experienced professionals who can provide you with better ways to remove scratches from your cars' interior plastics. Since they use specific compounds and tools, their work will be quick and efficient.

They usually follow three steps that include cleaning after which they sand the surface using fine grit sandpaper followed by polishing to give it a shining look and feel. If there are any deep dents on the plastic's surface, then the professionals might use heating tools and also fill up gaps with special adhesives before applying scratch remover compound or paints on it.

You should never attempt to remove scratches on your own as it is a professional job and you will only end up damaging the surface of the plastic even more. Moreover, there are chances that you might also get injured if you use incorrect tools or compounds. It is better to hire a professional service center to get rid of deep scratches from your car's interior plastics rather than using do-it-yourself products which will not give desired results.

Different methods of removing scratches from the plastic car interior

Heat Gun

For this plastic scratch remover method, you will need a heat gun, fine sandpaper, and a plastic scratch remover for this method. Clean the surface in order to prepare it for repair, and then spray the car cleaner onto the microfiber towel. Gently rub the towel into the circular motions to remove all of the dirt and grime.

After cleaning and drying the plastic, turn on the heat gun to the recommended setting of heat and then apply this heat on the scratched plastic panel area. The heat gun needs to keep moving up and down at a constant rate. When the surface gets cool, you can use fine sandpaper to sand down the uneven areas.

Now you can apply the plastic scratch remover on a clean cloth and rub it into circular motions, ensuring that you use gentle pressure. After this process, your panel will be free of scratches.

Polish Kits

Light scratches on the interior can be removed with the help of the polish kits which are excellent plastic scratch removers. Most often, a plastic scratch remover, a polishing compound, and a microfiber towel are included in a polish kit. Begin by smoothing out the scratch area with fine sandpaper, and keep sanding down the scratches until you are able to feel them.

You need to spray the plastic surface with a plastic cleaner and then use a towel to wipe any dirt or residue. Polishing pads can be used to apply polish in the sanded area. Try using back-and-forth motions to make sure that the polish enters the scratches. After doing it once, apply another level of polish and then allow it to dry. An additional step to make sure the scratches are gone is using a clean microfiber cloth with water. Rub it in circular motions until the area is smooth, making sure not to apply too much pressure.

Filler Putty and Interior Grain Pads

This is the best plastic scratch remover when you need to deal with gouges or deep scratches that need to be filled and repainted. When you remove the plastic panel to deal with the deep scratches, you will be able to get much better access to the panel's sides and surfaces.

Start by using a razor for cutting off any bits of plastic and then spray sealant and protectant. Apply some glue onto the separate plastic piece that is bigger than the scratched area. Press the glued side of the plastic into the panel section that you sprayed with sealant. The glue dries, and you will pull off a piece of plastic without any problem. In the end, use a coat of body filler putty onto this scratched surface. After it gets thoroughly dried, spray all the plastic panels with paint and then let it dry. The scratches will be completely concealed.

While it might seem easy to repair the car plastic interior, you have to make sure that the scratching process is done right in order to prevent any future damage from occurring. In addition, if there are any other damaged areas on your plastic dashboard or interior, you should try using a professional who will use appropriate methods for repairing those surfaces as well. With all of these options available for removing scratches from the car's interior, it shouldn't take too much time before you can enjoy a smooth surface once again.

Final Words

It is crucial for any driver to learn different methods of removing scratches from the plastic car interiors if they want to keep their vehicle's resale value high. When a scratch gets formed on the plastic interior, understanding different methods and products like a plastic scratch remover for fixing the scratch can also be helpful in saving labor costs. The scratch removal methods can vary depending on the type of damage, so you should know how to get rid of different types of scratches before you start.

You can go through the above article to get an idea about how to remove scratches from the plastic car interior. It is also advisable for you not to rush into fixing scratches without checking if they are too deep or not. If the scratch is deep, then it should be fixed by professionals instead of doing it yourself.


Can toothpaste be helpful in getting rid of the scratches on plastic?

There is no doubt that toothpaste can be an effective plastic scratch remover for any of the shallow scratches from the surface of the plastic. Some toothpaste can be applied on a rag and then rubbed on the surface in order to remove minor scratches.

How do we remove scratches from the hard plastic?

You need to clean the surface and then go for a mild abrasive like a baking soda on the damaged plastic. In the end, you need to wipe the area with the help of another rag. This way, you will be able to get rid of the scratches from the hard plastic.

Can we use WD-40 to remove the scratches from the plastic?

It is worth noting that WD-40 is oil. Therefore, applying it to a surface will surely give you a pleasant and glossy shine, which means that you will get a clear coat. But you need to understand that it will not be removing any of the deep scratches.