How To Clean Car Carpets Back To Factory New (with Secrets)

VD February 02 2022

Cleaning car carpets can be a tough job, especially if your car carpets are very dirty and a vacuum cleaner is not enough. Food crumbs, dirt from shoes, or dust: the car carpet is constantly exposed to some kind of dirt, which is why it has to be cleaned often.

Cleaning a car carpet with a vacuum cleaner

The easiest way to clean your car mats is of course with a vacuum cleaner or just by hand. Tapping out will ensure most of the dirt comes loose. What's left can simply be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Removing stubborn dirt from the car carpet

But what to do if your mats not only contain sand and dust, but also persistent dirt such as brine or oil? There are several cleaning products to clean your car mats, but you need to be careful about which ones you use. Cleaning agents can damage the carpet of your car mats.

Cleaning car carpets with water

A good tip is to try water first. Wet a brush and start scrubbing gently. Scrub the dirt off the car mats in one smooth motion. Is the dirt too stubborn and can't you get rid of it with water and a brush? Then it goes on to the next step.

You can try cleaning your car mats with a mild all-purpose cleaner. Please note that the remedy you are treating is not too concentrated. This can result in the carpeting of your mats being affected.

Cleaning car carpets in the washing machine: yes or no?

Some ask whether car mats can also be washed in the washing machine. Unfortunately, this is not highly recommended. Car carpets have anti-slip properties on the back, which can be made of different materials. The non-slip material on the back of the mat can be affected by the washing machine. Therefore, never wash your mats in the washing machine. (

Do your car carpets have a logo? Do not put them in the washing machine. However, some sinks have special car mat cleaners where you can easily have your mats washed.

Iron as a last resort

Can you use an iron to clean your car mats? That actually sounds pretty strange. However, it is not strange if you know how to use the iron correctly for this. In addition to iron, you will need a piece of baking paper. 

Using an iron and a piece of parchment paper is the last resort to clean your mats. Place the paper on the car mat and gently go over it with the iron. Chances are good that the dirt and any oils will soak into the parchment paper. However, it's also possible that the stains won't decrease, but increase.

Are the spots getting worse? Then you have tried everything and you need to buy new car carpets.  

Many car owners may think cleaning car carpets is not necessary. After all, hardly anyone looks at the floor and within a very short time, the carpet is dirty again anyway. With a clean carpet you feel much more comfortable in the car - and the passengers too. Clean carpet also increases the market value of the car if it is always well maintained.