How to detail a car?

Susan Fernandez November 11 2021

“How can I detail my car?” – maybe, every driver has asked this question once. So let’s go! Now we will share several great recommendations on how you can bravely detail your vehicle.


Lets’ start with defining the best place for detailing a vehicle – where is it better to do it? The best place is in the shade – it should be dry and cold. We do not recommend detailing your vehicle under the sun since the water volatilizes quicker and can cause watermarks.

What protective clothes should you wear?

If you want to keep your clothes clean, we recommend you protect yourself with a pair of gloves and goggles when detailing your car! This way, water won’t splash on your face or damage your outfit in any other way.

Gloves will not only prevent stains but also help to avoid getting chemicals in direct contact with skin (which can cause irritation and rashes). As for the glasses, they not only prevent splashes from getting into sensitive areas but also help to focus eyesight better!

What items should you use for cleaning a car?

We bet that the first thing that comes to your mind is a sponge. But in fact, it is not good equipment for car cleaning. The sponge keeps all stuff like dirt in its pores. And even when you do everything possible to squeeze, some grit will remain. Moreover, it can leave scratches on your car. That’s why instead of a sponge, we recommend you use the microfiber wash mitt.

Nowadays, many drivers use microfiber towels for washing a car. Why? Now we’ll explain. Like the sponge, other materials (like regular towels or t-shirts) can also contain dirt and other contaminants in their pores. Rough materials can cause damage to the car’s finish.

As for the microfiber towels, they are very effective when buffing the car’s wax or getting rid of it. Besides, they are suitable when buffing a vehicle’s surface, windows, chrome wheels, etc. For such materials as wood, plastic, and metal, microfiber towels are also safe for use.

The microfiber wash mitt is not the only item that helps to clean a car. It may seem strange, but many drivers don’t pay attention to this detail – washing without soap will save money and time!

How to store microfiber?

If you want to make your microfiber towels last for a long time, it is very important to store them properly. The first thing that should be taken into account – microfiber cloths should not be washed with other fabrics! It is fraught with the pads washing out of the material, which makes it impossible to clean cars, glass surfaces, etc.

It’s also worth paying attention to another detail – when drying your microfiber wash mitt or any other materials used for cleaning a car, do not put them in direct sunlight. Ultraviolet rays are too harsh for this type of fabric and can cause premature degradation and damage its structure. Microfiber is made from polyester and acrylic. That means that the fibers are very absorbent. When exposed to sunshine, the material is prone to color fading and can lose its softness.

And it does make sense: there are plenty of wonderful soaps on the market. But they can quickly spoil your paint job if you use them incorrectly. Even if you do everything right, some problems could occur after using such products as soap frequently leaves stains on painted surfaces (depending on its components) due to hard particles contained in the product (microscopic parts that remain after dilution of detergents).

That’s why we recommend you use distilled water for cleaning. It will remove dirt from your car’s body and shine the paint without doing any harm to it.

How many water buckets should we use for car cleaning?

Generally, it is recommended to use two buckets with soap water and the other simply with water. Put your mitt into the soap water, wash a part of your vehicle, and then put this mitt into the water bucket. This way, you do not let the dirt and other contaminants get into the soap water.


Contaminants are also quite dangerous for your vehicle’s paint job. For car cleaning, you should concentrate on the following things: dust, debris particles (leaves, sand, etc.), and insects.

Now let’s speak about the contaminants – how to get rid of them? The first thing the experts recommend is using Decon soap. Stronger than the ordinary car soap, it allows removing the various contaminants from your vehicle. Also, the experts advise using the liquid clay bar for washing a car.

The most efficient way to remove particles of dust and dirt from your car is to use a high-quality towel or microfiber cloth with it. When using towels or rags made of cotton strands by themselves, some dirt may remain after wiping the surface of the paint even if you do everything correctly.

But microfiber wash mitt will take all contaminants right away leaving nothing behind! That’s why when getting rid of contaminates during car washing it is better to use this kind of fabric not only because it leaves no scratches but also because it’s much more efficient.

Car washing machine

Such useful things as car washing machines are often confused with totally different devices that are also called “car washers”. The latter is used for cleaning the windows, wheels, etc., while the automobile washing machine has a slightly different purpose to perform. Many drivers think that this device is only effective while using special liquids to wash your vehicle inside and outside.

Such substances do exist but they will not give you great results if you choose them alone! The addition of soda crystals is necessary when working with such products. These components make the cleaning solution acidic which makes it possible to get rid of all kinds of dirt on your car without leaving any behind. Any other tools are not needed while using such substances for cleaning, but they will let you do the job much faster.

How to wash a car with soda crystals?

Pour some of this substance into your bucket of water and mix it thoroughly. Then start applying it on any stains or spots of oil. Let it act for 20-30 seconds and rub the spot off with a microfiber mitt or other rags if necessary. Rinse with water when done.

Such products provide great removal results within minutes! You can use these wonderful components when washing your vehicle by hand or in the auto washing machine either way! Just imagine how good is that?! Some motorists even prefer doing it with hands because machines often leave scratches on painted surfaces due to their rotating brushes.

What is the best car soap?

The best car soap for daily care is high-quality, gentle shampoo that will not lead to any damage of your vehicle’s paint. It will remove dust and dirt efficiently, but it won’t be able to get rid of various chemical contaminants like oil stains on the asphalt or spots left by some spilled drinks! You can find such components in different brands at reasonable prices; pick the one you like most!

Can one use dishing soap instead of car soap?

Unfortunately, you can’t use Castile or other dishing soaps for washing your vehicle. These substances are not designed for removing heavy pollutants and they won’t give the desired results. They may cause some scratches on paintjob if used alone.

But it will be even worse if the mitt you choose is made of cotton strands! No matter what kind of cloth or towel you pick up while car washing, don't forget to change its water frequently because microfiber material should always be used with clean water!

Waxes and sealants

Many drivers also wonder whether they should wax or seal their vehicles. We can surely say that they should do it. Why? Because it protects the vehicle’s coat from the ultraviolet light that, in its turn, can lead to sun damage and fading. Besides, it brings a more excellent look. Also, using the hybrid wax sealant makes your car more steady to various contaminants and water spots.

Petroleum jelly

Many motorists are surprised when they find out that petroleum jelly can be used for car care. It is true, but its usage isn’t limited to the one mentioned above. You can apply it to any surface of your vehicle’s body, plastic or glass windows being no exception. Just wipe the applied area with a clean cloth and let it dry thoroughly! No need to worry about remaining stains because there won’t be any!

Crayons for washing cars

Hobbies are always interesting, especially when you discover something new while working on them. If you are into car detailing now, then this article will surely help you learn something new about crayons used for removing contaminants from painted areas!

Put some of the used crayons on a small wooden stick and rub it on any stains or spots with pressure. Let it act for a minute and then wipe off the dirt with a clean cloth! You can use such components as toothpicks, business cards, or even disposable chopsticks also. Just make sure that they are made of plastic so you won’t ruin your paintwork by using unsafe tools for this job.

Windows cleaning

If you are responsible for maintaining your car’s interiors, then you also have to deal with its windows. No matter how expensive glass is, it still requires proper treatment! For many people, the easiest way to clean them is by using window sprays containing ammonia or glass cleaners. But be sure to avoid these products if they contain alcohol because this substance may leave streaks on sprayed surfaces.

The best solution would be vinegar-based components that provide excellent results even when used with paper towels! Just spray some of the product into a damp cloth and wipe any stains from glass surfaces. Some motorists think that you should apply more pressure while making circular movements but there is no need to do so since such substances remove grease without damaging your vehicle’s paint.

Don`t forget about wheels

When it comes to wheels, you will also want to make them clean. If your car has thick contaminants (like brake dust, for example), we recommend using clay block or cleaner based on acid. You can also use various shine liquids to make your wheels shine and also seal them.

Final thoughts

Car care requires a lot of effort and time; however, it is definitely worth it if we talk about saving money and protecting your vehicle from various contaminants. It is great to be aware of all components and tools needed for effective detailing but bear in mind that there are several important steps that should not be ignored. Feel free to use these questions as inspiration while chatting with an auto detailer!