How To Properly Apply Mirror Shine to Your Vehicle

Susan Fernandez November 11 2021

Car enthusiasts love to keep their vehicles spotless clean. That's why maintaining the car's shine and outlook is important. A dull-looking automobile might not make you look good in front of your friends and family. Also, your expensive car could look cheap if you fail to take care of its shine. 

Importance of the process

Let's face it. Many car owners don't know how to properly maintain the shine of their cars. Some carelessly wipe whatever wax is available on the auto body with a cleaning cloth or rags. Others, meanwhile, use cheap products that end up damaging the car's surface (and sometimes its paint job).

This guide shows you how to apply mirror shine to your vehicle like a pro. You'll learn about the correct way of doing things so you won't damage the finish or make other mistakes that could ruin your automobile's look. You can save money by avoiding expensive professional services (or costly mistakes) down the road.

We'll guide you on how to apply torque detail mirror shine with perfection. That way, your car will never lose its glossy touch again. Also, it'll save you from some real embarrassment.  

We'll show you how to apply torque detail mirror shine on your car to get positive results. 

How to apply torque detail mirror shine

Step #1: Sanitize your car's surface

Sometimes there are microparticles of dirt and dust on your car's surface. The naked eye fails to detect such grime and dirt. So, to make the sealant work, it is super essential to clean and decontaminate the car's top. 

You can use various methods and products to sanitize the vehicle's exterior. Some of the ways that you can try are: 

  • Use a Decon wash;
  • Try applying polish;
  • Use a clay lubricant;
  • Try using a clay block. A clay block is far more effective than a conventional clay bar. You can use it up to 100 times with high convenience.

Step #2: Shake the bottle 

As cliché it may sound to you, shaking the sealant bottle thoroughly is a super necessary step. In fact, it is a vital step. Sealing the exterior of your car with just a single coat is plausible if you shake the bottle well before use. You can play all sorts of songs from inside your vehicle while shaking the container.

Shake for about two minutes or less to get satisfactory results. The consistency will be creamy and viscous at this time. This is a good enough reason for you to shake the product thoroughly before use! So, there you go! Shake it! 

Step #3: Ensure that the car's surface is cool

Before applying torque detail mirror shine, you must make sure that your car is cool and dry.  Never apply the sealant to a hot surface as it can create other complications.  If your car has been sitting in the sun, you must give it ample time to cool before applying the product.

You can always wait for 4 to 5 hours after a drive to let the car get cool. That’ll help the sealant to bond in perfect condition with the car’s exterior.  When the car is cool enough for you to deal with, take out your favorite torque detail product and start applying.

Step #4: Apply a small amount of mirror shine on the vehicle’s surface

You must have heard the saying "less is more". You don't need to apply a lot of torque detail mirror shine on the car's top.  It is always better to be conservative when it comes to using products that bond with the paint.

Apply a small quantity of torque detail mirror shine on your car. You needn't use more than a third or quarter of the bottle's contents for applying mirror shine on one vehicle. Applying a little amount is more than enough and should get the job done.

You can use a soft microfiber applicator pad for this purpose instead of your bare hands.  You can apply the product in circular motions or in straight lines, whichever seems convenient to you. Rub the product over your car's body gently with a moderate force so that it gets absorbed well by the surface quickly.

Step #5: Take a clean microfiber towel 

Take a clean microfiber towel and use it to rub across the exterior of the car.  Using a clean towel ensures that there is no contamination from any other particle or grime out there in your environment. So, always use a clean and new cotton cloth for wiping off the product.

You need not apply too much pressure while dry-wiping your vehicle's exterior after applying torque detail mirror shine. Just go over all parts of the exterior to spreads the product evenly across it.  Give ample time to let the sealant settle down on your car's body before going ahead with the next step of applying tire shine onto your car's rubber surfaces or wheels.

Step #6: Take another clean microfiber cloth 

Take one more microfiber cloth and use it to polish the top of your vehicle evenly. Do it until you feel satisfied with the results.  Use a different microfiber towel for this purpose. Never use the same one to wipe the car's surface when you have applied torque detail mirror shine.

Step #7: Cover one section at a time

Cover one section at a time as it will allow you to spread the sealant in a proper way. 

For instance, you can cover the hood section of your car first. Apply torque detail mirror shine evenly on one section before moving onto another area. This will make sure that you are not wasting any sealant while spreading the product all over your vehicle.

It is actually a time-saving method because covering half of your car's exterior to let the sealant bond in just won't do. It will require more force and pressure to spread torque detail mirror shine uniformly on a larger surface area. That means unnecessary wastage of time, effort, and money! So, follow this step for getting uniform results throughout your vehicle's body!

Step #8: Apply a second coating 

After you get done covering the whole surface of your vehicle, apply a second coating. Reapplying the torque detail mirror shine would give added protection and glow to your car. This can be done after a couple of days or once you feel that the shine has gone down.

In case, your car's top is not dirty at all and only needs to maintain its look for a prolonged time, reapplication is not required as soon as you apply torque detail mirror shine. In such cases, it would do the job pretty well without putting much pressure on your pocket! Now you know how to make the best use of this sealant by using it whenever needed!

Final Thoughts

If you do not want to deal with the sealant getting washed, again and again, follow the steps we have discussed here. You won't have to worry about your car's glossy look anymore.  

The steps mentioned above are meant for applying torque detail products. Other manufacturers have their own techniques for usage, which will vary from one another. Ensure putting enough effort in learning about proper usage methods before going ahead with the application. This will help you get the most out of your torque detail products and save money as well.