Is Ceramic Sealing Good For Your Car? Is It Safe? 

VD March 03 2022

Like any other product, ceramic sealing also has disadvantages. That is why we would like to inform you about them here. Of course, we will also go into the advantages, as these outweigh ceramic sealants in the overall overview.

Ceramic sealing costs and time required

A good ceramic seal is priced between $50-100. A cheap ceramic sealing is not recommended due to the poor quality. We think you should be willing to invest this amount to protect your car with a ceramic layer for 3-6 years. Depending on the condition of your car, it can take 8 hours to prepare your car. But this is an investment that is worthwhile in the long term for the value of the car. 

Can a ceramic seal be removed?

A ceramic seal forms a long-lasting connection with the paint. Accordingly, it is just as difficult to remove them again. If necessary, this can be done with special polishing machines, but should only be done by a professional.

That's why it's all the more important that your car is perfectly cleaned before sealing so that you don't even want to remove the result.

Ceramic sealing advantages

But there are of course many more auto ceramic coating advantages That's why we've put them all together for you. So you can get your own picture of ceramic sealing. Here is some information about what ceramic sealing is - if you are also interested.

Long-lasting shine

Isn't it the most beautiful thing to get up in the morning and get into your shiny car? You have had this feeling for a long time with a ceramic layer on your car. And if your car does get dirty, you can quickly wash it by hand, since the ceramic coating means that dirt hardly collects on the car. In addition, there are fewer stubborn residues on the paint since the seal is dirt-repellent. Of course, you can also drive through the car wash, which makes cleaning the car even faster.

Depending on the number of layers, the ceramic coating lasts for several years. We recommend that you apply three coats. 

The beading effect of a ceramic seal

In addition to shine and protection, the beading effect is one of the most beautiful results of a ceramic seal. You've probably seen videos where users or professionals pour a bottle of water over the car and nothing is left behind. The water rolls off. This is also called the lotus effect in professional circles.

This means that buffing off after the car wash is no longer necessary since the air in the drying system alone should have removed all the water residue through the water-repellent protective layer. This saves you time to get the shine of your car back on the road immediately!

Can I drive into the car wash with a ceramic seal?

A ceramic seal makes driving the car wash a scratch-free experience. The ceramic protective layer ensures that there are no scratches on the paintwork, so polishing is no longer necessary. Some car care enthusiasts even apply another layer of wax to the ceramic seal after washing the car.

Ceramic sealing against water stains and bird droppings

Water stains are always a problem for cars, as they can also consist of salt, which attacks the paintwork, especially in winter. A ceramic seal forms a protective layer with the paint. This ensures that water stains roll off when the wind blows (lotus effect) and that there are therefore few residues. 

However, water stains cannot be avoided in principle. The ceramic protective layer is attacked - but depending on the number of layers, it lasts a long time and can be renewed. The same goes for the acidic bird droppings. The ceramic layer keeps many other substances away from the paint. It is important to note that the ceramic seal does not protect against stone chips.

Auto increase in value through ceramic sealing

The ceramic coating means that the paint on your car is less or not at all attacked. So when you sell your car, you have the advantage that the value is higher. It is advisable to indicate this when selling.