Should We Ceramic Coat a New Car? Can We Afford It?

VD November 11 2021

When you get yourself a new car, its interior smells of adhesive and plastic, and it indeed smells excellent. At this time, your paint is shiny and fantastic, and you would want it to keep looking this way. Therefore, you clean it meticulously for the first few months. 

But in reality, when you clean your car often, the shiny paint gets old quickly, and this can be disappointing for you.

You must have heard about the ceramic coating for cars, which can do the work for you, especially when the car comes out from the factory. So, just like any other protective coating that you put on your car, a clean, smooth, and debris-free surface can surely deliver you the best of results.

The coating is not only for car protective purposes; it can be done on other materials like motorcycles, airplanes, and ships. Nowadays, more people are opting for this type of protection to preserve their valued assets.

In this post, we will tell you if it is a good idea to coat your new car for protection against scratches, nicks, and dents. We will also recommend the top 5 best ceramic coatings for cars in case you want something that can last long and you don’t want to deal with the hassles of waxing and polishing over and over again.

Ceramic coating is about paint protection and hydrophobic properties

Ceramic coatings are undoubtedly the best paint protection products in the market as they can penetrate deeply into the clear coat's microscopic pores and bond to the paint physically. Therefore, they form a hard, smooth, and thin layer on the top.

Your vehicle gets protection from the UV rays, tree sap, chemical erosion, and acid rain through the SiO2 ceramic particles. The main reason is that ceramics have hydrophobic properties and high surface tension, which means that they can prevent any dirt, road salt, dust, and grime from getting stuck to the car's paint.

What are the benefits of ceramic coatings on the new cars?

It repels any mud, dirt, and rain

As compared to the factory paint or wax, the ceramic coating for cars can do a better job in protecting the exterior. The main reason is the hydrophobic properties which are helpful to form the rain beads instead of offering water pool accumulation on the hood of the car.

The rainwater will run off easily leaving the car's surface dry. Similarly, it can repel any mud and dirt from sticking onto the paint which is helpful for keeping your car clean and free of debris and contaminants.

By reducing UV rays penetration, this protection also helps to prevent the fading and discoloring of the exterior paint. It can give you a higher gloss finish without changing anything on your original factory paint job

It’s ideal for all weather conditions - winter or summer

Since ceramic coatings are not affected by the extreme changes in temperatures during different times of year unlike waxes, they can work perfectly in cold winters as well as oppressively hot summers

You don't have to deal with damaging ice chips, pebbles, and snowflakes

As compared to other protective coatings like wax, polymer sealants, etc. the ceramic coating is highly durable which means you don't have to deal with damaging ice chips, pebbles, or snowflakes that might come flying off the tires of other vehicles ahead of you.

It minimizes rust, dust, and UV oxidation

Those who live in hot climates may notice fading of paint and cracks in their cars. This is because the sun has ultraviolet rays, which can have a pretty negative effect on the vehicle's bodywork. With ceramic coating, you can have a protective layer against any such rays, and therefore, the color of your vehicle is maintained. Moreover, the ceramic coating also minimizes rust, dust and oxidation on your car

It has a hydrophobic property which is helpful in preventing any dirt from sticking to the body of your vehicle's exterior. The dirt can make your car look dirty even if it’s brand new and clean. Additionally, this protective layer helps you maintain your paint job by making water run off properly instead of pooling up

It offers improved protection

Ceramic coating tends to bond with the vehicle’s paint on a molecular level. This means that as a result, you get a semi-permanent and a more rigid protective layer. It is also capable of withstanding any harsher terrain and any tougher elements. This means that not only does your car's paint gets protected by ceramic coating, but the body is also protected by it.

It’s inexpensive compared to the other protective coatings

Ceramic coating is one of the most economical ways of protecting your vehicle's exterior. When you are buying this product, it won't cost much more than all the waxes you have used for maintaining your car. The ceramic coating doesn't need any special equipment or products to be applied which means it can be afforded by most people with ease.

Furthermore, if you are planning on applying the ceramic coating yourself, then using a suitable clay bar will be necessary prior to apply the ceramic paint protection coat. Not only does this help with removing small surface contaminations, but also helps to improve bonding between your finish and your new layer of paint protection

The main reason is the hydrophobic properties which are helpful to form the rain beads instead of offering water pool accumulation on the hood of the car.

It is a cost-effective option

When you install a ceramic coating on your car, you will not be required to have it waxed. Usually, car wax can last around three months, which means that you may well need a re-wax. Therefore, ceramic coating is a more durable option, and with proper maintenance, it can remain in good order for many years.

Ceramic coatings are easily available

They are easy to apply, which is the main reason why so many people are using them for their cars. The coating usually comes in a paint gun-like container or aerosol can with one base layer and one top layer each. It also has two separate caps, one for each layer.

You can use it yourself as you don’t need any special equipment for applying this type of protection. It dries rather quickly once applied. You just have to wait until it starts changing color, then you should buff it off with a polishing pad wrapped around an orbital sander. For best results, just follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer on how much product and where to apply it.

When you have bought a high-quality product, then the application should be pretty simple. However, if you have purchased a low-quality item, then there are chances that it may leave stains on your vehicle’s paint job after being applied which will be tough to remove no matter what steps you take

The ceramic coating is not completely water-tight. In fact, there are chances of getting the car damaged due to any rust accumulation underneath the surface. It takes around 4-6 hours for drying and complete hardening of this protective layer. One has to wait for a long period before washing or driving their vehicles


There is no doubt that ceramic coating for cars can be an excellent automotive product and provides significant protection against the grit and elements of daily traffic. When you buy a new car, it will be the best time to install it because the paint will be requiring a minimal amount of polishing and buffing. Therefore, you can give it a fresh look right from the start. You can also consider using a ceramic coating spray as an alternative if you are on a budget.