The Cost of Ceramic Car Coating

VD September 09 2021

Everyone would love to have their car look as if it is brand new, but despite caring for it and making efforts for the maintenance, scratches, chips, and stains are inevitable. With time, the dimming color of the vehicle can occur because of the lack of UV protection. No wonder, drivers are looking for different options to protect their cars from damage to the polish coating. 

Although there are different options like paint correction and self-cleaning to protect the car’s shine, many people look towards ceramic coating. The main question is, how much does ceramic coating cost? Although the answer is not that simple, it’s best to look at the entire process to understand the cost of car ceramic coating.

What is ceramic coating?

When you have to protect your car, you may always find multiple solutions, but the ceramic coating is like an all-rounder for your car. You can define it as the skin's second layer, a clear coat that does the job of a protected layer over your vehicle.

Nanotechnology is utilized by ceramic coatings, which means tiny particles create an invisibly thin and fine. As these particles are too small, therefore, when applied to the surface, they are capable of sealing all the pores. This way, the surface of the car gets water-repellant and is resistant to scratches, chemicals, and UV rays.

Ceramic coating options

Although it has been several years that we have seen ceramic coatings, this finish only recently started to become popular. There was a time when they were only accessible by high-end car owners or car enthusiasts because of the prohibitive costs of ceramic coating. Those who are planning to get a ceramic coating on their vehicle have two main options to choose from, i.e., professional coating installation and DIY coating kits for consumers.

Costs of professional ceramic coating packages

The time needed for a complete ceramic coating process varies. It usually takes around 1 to 5 days for the nano-ceramic coating process, but it depends on three main factors, i.e., the size of the car, the condition of the paint, and the package chosen for a ceramic coating. In order to know how much does ceramic coating cost depends on the package offered by your dealer.

The golded package is among the most premium coating package that you can choose from. This package offers permanent protection with a lifetime warranty and includes a premium and top-of-the-line layer of ceramic coating. This package costs anywhere between $1,500 to $2,000. 

The second option is the silver package that offers a 5-year warranty plan. It entails a 9H coating product, plus a layer of light product for coating, and costs between $900 to $1,400. The bronze package is the cheapest and the basic package and includes the lightest formulation layer. This package costs around $600 to $900.

Cost of DIY consumer ceramic coating

There is a good variety of ceramic car coating kits on the market, and these are best for the ones who would love to protect their vehicle rather than its appearance. As compared to professional ceramic coatings, one can apply a DIY kit with little to no experience. The durability and quality of these products vary depending on the company that has manufactured the kit.

It is worth noting that the cost of all the DIY ceramic coating kits is almost the same, but they are a lot cheaper than the professional installments. Because of their lower price, they are accessible to practically anyone. 

There are three main factors on which the cost of DIY ceramic coating is based, and this includes prep work supplies, kit's price, and maintenance.

Out of the numerous DIY coating products, some are excellent, while others aren't that good. Therefore, before going for the best product, it is always wise to read through the reviews. 

Speaking of the quantities, you may need two DIY kits if you have a small SUV or a sedan, and if you want to know how much does ceramic coating costs, it's between $100 to $120. You will need 3 DIY kits if you have a big truck, and it will cost you between $140 and $150.

Final Thoughts

As a car owner, if you want to know how much does ceramic coating cost, the calculation is not that difficult. Ceramic car coating can cost you anywhere from around $600 to $2,000, depending on many factors. If you have a car in excellent condition and would like to pay a reasonable price for the products and quality work, you should go for ceramic coating. On the other hand, if you have an old vehicle, the paint is not in that good condition, and it is not regularly washed, then the application of a ceramic coat will sometimes cost you more than the price of the car.