Will WD-40 on Car Paint Cause Damage? Time to Find Out!

VD February 02 2022

Among all the popular car detailing gadgets and products available in the market today, we don't think that even a single one of them can beat the popularity of WD-40.

This solution alone is used by every 1 out of 2 car owners around the globe for interior cleaning of their car. You can now guess how trendy this compound spray is among car owners.

Components that make WD-40

Here's the fun part. Even with a truly global level of success of popularity and fame, no one knows precisely what WD-40 is made up from. The company has used the same policy as Coca-Cola in its product area. The exact composition of the WD-40 is a closely guarded secret.

But we do know some of the significant components that make the WD-40 compound. Around 35% of the solution is made from mineral oil. And considering the highly toxic nature of the mixture when inhaled, we can assume that there are 35% aliphatic hydrocarbons included in the compound.

How is WD-40 usually used?

People need to understand one thing first. WD-40 is not painting or some polisher. It is more solvent and a degreaser with some lubrication properties. It is better to confine the use of the WD-40 to the car's interior in most cases.

Plus, there's one particular area where the WD-40 performs exceptionally well compared to other similar solutions. It can remove scratches too! Not the deep scratches, of course. But it can indeed remove light surface scratches with exceptional results. But don't forget to apply it in minimum quantities.

Can it remove debris?

Of course, it can. The WD-40 is primarily a solvent and a degreaser. This makes it an exceptional choice to remove corrosion marks and sticky debris from the car surface. Once used, it will loosen up the waste, which will eventually fall off the surface of your car without damaging the original pint of the vehicle.

But there are some cons associated with this usage of WD-40 as well. The WD-40 is not pleasant to smell at all. Plus, it is super greasy and gives an utterly disgusting look once used. It would be best if you wiped off the compound swiftly.

Will WD-40 damage the car paint?

Here's the real question and probably the one you were looking for. Will WD-40 damage the car paint? Well, there's no specific answer to that. Considering the individual components of the WD-40, it can wreck the paint job of your car beyond repair. The hydrocarbons and mineral oils aren't in favor of car paint.

But here's the twist. WD-40 is safe for your car paint as a solvent or complete compound. No one knows what secret ingredient the company uses to generate this exceptional result. But yes, it is safe for the car paint as long as you are wiping the solvent off.

Final note

It's pretty natural, to be very honest. You are considering the overall popularity of the compound throughout the globe. Naturally, people come with all kinds of crazy ideas related to the usage of the WD-40. But you should consult an expert before DIYing stuff on your own.

But still, you can use WD-40 for multiple purposes. As experts love to say, this compound is super multi-talented and can be used for more than one fantastic job. Please ensure a full decontamination car wash before using the many talents of the WD-40.